Ensure a robust and diverse public contractor sector

Currently, in the federal government’s procurement process, there are several regulations that encourage awarding contracts to small businesses and those owned by minorities, women and veterans. These laws create modest goals for agency contracts, but the federal government falls far short every year and recent agency actions have further undermined the law’s intent. While a number of Congressional Committees have merely scratched the surface of these regulatory shortfalls, they will continue to remain an important voice in federal contracting. GovEvolve will work to strengthen and promote a robust and diverse government contractor sector by assuring that federal agencies fully comply with laws to increase participation from small and diverse businesses.   GovEvolve will help ensure a robust and diverse public contractor sector through engagement on the following issues:  

1.  Correcting the Small Business Administration’s calculation of dollars awarded to small businesses. The American Small Business League  has    challenged the SBA on their current calculations which harm the interests of small business contractors.

2.  Seeking clarification on the SBA issued rules revising small business size standards for manufacturing industries in the North American Industry Classification System. This rule revision has harmed small business contractor bids.

3.  Urging the Department of Veterans Affairs to apply the “Rule of Two” to all small business contracting, not merely for the purpose of meeting its small-business contracting goals.