Maximize public sector acquisition opportunities

The implementation of the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) may result in a fewer number of small business contract opportunities as federal agencies combine procurements. At the same time, FITARA implementation could increase the volume of products and services being procured in a single federal procurement, but exceeds the capacity of some small businesses. While this intended benefit to the government customer is a logical goal of FITARA that improves the efficient use of federal IT dollars, it is important to make sure the positive benefits a small business can bring to the federal customer not get lost in that process. GovEvolve’s objective is to help our partners and re-sellers not only maintain, but increase their penetration in this evolving federal government IT marketplace. We will do this by leveraging our combined efforts to assure that the benefits of small business participation in the federal space continue to be recognized and promoted. GovEvolve will maximize public sector acquisition opportunities through engagement on the following issues:

1. Maintaining and enhancing preference and small business opportunities in all federal agencies as FITARA is developed and implemented.

2.  Resisting legislation that would allow Department of Defense prime contractors to merely report on small business subcontracting goals instead of reporting on specific plans for small business participation in each Department of Defense prime contract.

3.  Minimizing the complexity that can sometimes be placed on a re-seller or publisher’s licensing agreements to ensure that they meet federal government needs, but not require that each agreement be redrafted for each procurement.