Accelerate public sector adoption of emerging technologies

Despite the fact that federal agencies have spent over $80 billion annually on IT, the government continues to support IT equipment well beyond its intended lifecycle due to budgetary constraints and procurement policy challenges. Those agencies that have begun to adopt emerging technologies like mobile, wearables and IOT struggle to keep pace with cybersecurity threats. In addition to the slow rate of equipment transition, federal security employees cite other systemic challenges including a general lack of workforce education. It is clear that the federal government needs to look to emerging technologies for long-term solutions. GovEvolve will work to mitigate the impediments to federal procurement of emerging technologies through direct policymaker and stakeholder engagement.   GovEvolve will promote the public sector adoption of emerging technologies through engagement on the following issues:

1. Continuing to hold the federal government accountable on implementing the IT modernization plan laid out by FITARA and the White House Chief Information Officer.

2.  Encouraging Congress and the federal government to publicly disclose the FITARA scorecard data. Contractors competing for federal contracts could greatly benefit from increased transparency and openness in the scorecard process.

3.  Promoting the need for federal agencies to consider emerging technologies in the FITARA implementation. Emerging technologies can solve many of the legacy issues plaguing federal agencies’ IT modernization efforts.