GovEvolve has three principles that guide our engagement with Congress and the federal government to encourage the promotion of small, diverse and innovative contractors in all sectors of the government. GovEvolve actively engages on these important priorities with key committees in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate.  GovEvolve also will works with the White House and federal agencies on regulation and acquisition policies.
  • Accelerate public sector adoption of emerging technologies

    GovEvolve works to mitigate the impediments to federal procurement of emerging technologies through direct policymaker and stakeholder engagement.

  • Ensure a robust and diverse public contractor sector

    GovEvolve works to strengthen and promote a robust and diverse government contractor sector by increasing participation from small and diverse businesses.

  • Maximize public sector acquisition opportunities

    GovEvolve’s objective is to help our partners and re-sellers not only maintain, but increase their partnership in this evolving federal government IT marketplace